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Interfacing MAX7219 with PIC16F876 microcontroller


MAX7219 is a common cathode display driver with a simple serial interfaces that can be easily connected to a microcontroller. Among other useful features this IC has built in brightness control and scan control capability that allows to limit the

BCD to 7 Segment Display Decoder

BCD to 7 Segment Display Decoder Featured Image

In this post I’ll show how you can drive 7 Segment LED display with PIC16F876A. Instead of using a dedicated IC’s like 4511 we’ll program the micro controller to convert  BCD input code 0 – 9 to a 7 Segment LED

Response Time Meter

Response Time Meter Featured Image

If you ever thought how fast you can react to external stimulus here is the circuit that can measure your response time. It measures the time it takes for you to press the push button in response to  turning the

Electronic Lock

Electronic Lock Featured Image

Here is a modified and improved electronic lock design. For Arduino version click here.It is largely based on Digital Lock article, however this time a real electronic lock was used instead of a solenoid. The code is a 4 digit number

PIC Waveform Recorder

In this article I’ll show you how you can use PIC microcontroller to record and store waveform patterns in its EEPROM memory and replay the sequence later. For this purpose we’ll need a signal/waveform generator to produce the signal, PIC

1Hz Clock Generator using PIC16F876

1Hz Clock Generator Featured Image PIC16F876A

In this article we’ll see how to generate 1 Hz clock with PIC16F876/877 PIC microcontrollers. 3 different approaches will be demonstrated. The most basic solution is to use nested loops to “waste” enough instruction cycle time in order to produce

Basic PIC Frequency Counter

Basic PIC Frequency Counter Featured Image

Here is a Basic PIC Frequency Counter design. For Arduino version click here. It doesn’t not attempt to compete with some advance designs and has a very limited frequency range, however it can be used as a starting point to

Digital Stopwatch

Digital Stopwatch Featured Image

In this article I’ll demonstrate a digital stopwatch design based on PIC16F876A micro controller.For related circuit based on Arduino click here. Similar project showing a Digital Timer design can be found here. Current circuit can be used to count in

PIC C Programming

PIC C Programming Featured Image

In this article I’ll show you how to program Microchip PIC microcontrollers using HI-TECH PICC compiler and basic PIC development board. The board consists of PIC16F876A, LED bar graph and 20MHz oscillator. PICKIT3 compatible programmer was used to download the

Digitally Controlled Power Supply 2

Digitally Controlled Power Supply 0-25 V Part 2 Featured Image

This is an update to a recent post on a subject of building a Digitally Controlled Power Supply. In part 1 a basic configuration was presented. In this version a numbers of modifications were made to software/hardware to produce a more advanced