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Bargraph Voltmeter


A simple bargraph voltmeter can be built using 2×16 LCD or compatible VFD display. For Arduino version click here. This design utilizes PIC16F877 microcontroller and its ADC block to convert 0 – 5V input voltage to a binary number shown

Interfacing MAX7219 with PIC16F876 microcontroller


MAX7219 is a common cathode display driver with a simple serial interfaces that can be easily connected to a microcontroller. Among other useful features this IC has built in brightness control and scan control capability that allows to limit the

Running LED with PIC16F877A

Running LED with PIC16F877A Featured Image

In this post I’ll show a simple running LED circuit. Currently only 2 patterns are available but additional effects can be easily added by slightly modifying the code. This design uses only 16 LED’s however PIC16F877 has 5 I/O ports

Alphanumeric Display Driver


In this post I’ll show how a single alphanumeric display can be driven by PIC16f877A micro controller. There are dedicated IC’s for this purpose  however a micro-controller can be programmed to perform this task. By using a microcontroller you’ll get a

BCD to 7 Segment Display Decoder

BCD to 7 Segment Display Decoder Featured Image

In this post I’ll show how you can drive 7 Segment LED display with PIC16F876A. Instead of using a dedicated IC’s like 4511 we’ll program the micro controller to convert  BCD input code 0 – 9 to a 7 Segment LED

Controlling PWM Fan with PIC16F684

Controlling PWM Fan with PIC16F684 Featured Image

In this post I’d like to share a design of PWM Fan controller based on PIC16F684 MCU. For Arduino version click here. Previously I’ve designed similar circuits some of them more complex than this one. I recommend you to look

Blinking LED with PIC16F684

Blinking LED with PIC16F684 Featured Image

This very simple design shows how to make a blinking LED using PIC16F684 MCU. In my previous post I’ve used PIC16F877/86 however most of basic circuits do not require a lot of I/O pins and PIC16F684 small 14 pin package is more

Kinetic Watch Winder

Kinetic Watch Winder Featured Image

In this post I’ll show how to build a basic kinetic watch winder using PIC microcontroller and stepper motor. Kinetic watches do not require changing the battery as frequently as in quartz watch however despite their many advantages they have

High Power LED Controller

High Power LED Controller Featured Image

This post is about building a simple LED controller circuit. Several articles were published on this subject. Here is just one link to similar design that can be useful. Search the site for more information. Current design  relies on well-known technique to

Fading LED with PIC microcontroller

Fading LED with PIC microcontroller Featured Image

This article shows how to create a fading/dimming effect of the LED using PIC micro-controller. For similar design based on Arduino click this link.Controlling LED brightness using PWM is a relatively simple task and can be accomplished by configuring PIC16F877