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Photoresistor Light Sensor Arduino


A simple light sensor can be built using a photoresistor and Arduino UNO board. This design requires only a few additional components like 10k resistor and a 10k potentiometer to adjust the light intensity level to trigger the circuit. Photo

Sine wave generator PCF8591 I2C Arduino


The topic of this post is building sine wave generator based on Arduino UNO and PCF8591 8-bit A/D and D/A converter. For similar design with PIC micro-controller look at this link. PCF8591 is a single-chip low-power 8-bit CMOS data acquisition device

Fading LED with PCF8591 Arduino I2C


Controlling LED brightness with Arduino is one of the basic circuits you can built.Fade sketch is even included in the basic examples in Arduino IDE. However on Arduino boards it’s done by pulse width modulation, changing the duty cycle of

7-Segment LED Display PCF8574 I2C Arduino


Adding a serial data transfer capability to a 7-Segment LED Display can be done by using PCF8574 I/O Port expander with I2C interface. Arduino UNO controls the PCF8574 by sending display codes for each segment. Similar circuit based on PIC16F876

RFID Security Access Using Arduino


In this post I’ll show you how to build a RFID reader for security access based on Arduino MEGA board. The code I’ve used is a modified version of a design that was published at Arduino project hub. I added

I2C Serial LCD Interface Module Arduino


In this post I’m going to show you how to use a Serial I2C Interface Module to control 2×16 LCD display with Arduino. For similar design using PIC16F876 click this link. Instead of using 8 or 4 bit parallel connection

4-Digit LED Dot Matrix Clock Arduino


Here is another digital clock design based on Arduino. This time it uses 4-Digit LED Dot Matrix module to show the time. Similar design with LCD display is available here. The Dot Matrix module consists of four MAX7219 chips connected

8×8 LED Dot Matrix Display with Arduino


In this article I’m going to show you how an 8×8 LED Dot Matrix Display can be driven by MAX7219 with Arduino. Similar design based on PIC16F876 MCU is available at this link. For this project I’ve created my own

Basic Arduino Frequency Counter


Basic frequency counter capable of measuring 0-5V square wave up to 100kHz can be built using just 2 components: Arduino MEGA board and 2×16 LCD display. For PIC16F876 version click here. Frequency counter code is also very simple. It uses

Stepper Motor Controller with Arduino


Basic Stepper Motor Controller can be built with Arduino board and few additional components like MOSFET switches and a potentiometer to control unipolar stepper motor speed and direction. The principle of operation is relatively simple. When a potentiometer is in